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Solar cell lamps and classic LED models

Our Vision

At the base of every decision made by the Supernova team there is one clear fact, nature provides us with everything we need and it is our task to be able to use what is provided to us in an optimal way.

The sun is a source of light, energy and heat. Therefore, by taking advantage of the energy created by its rays to illuminate the outdoor spaces of houses, public places and commercial establishments is a smart solution, that is able to significantly reduce electric bills and have a minimal impact on the environment. LED solar lamps and street lights constitute an alternative to traditional models when looking at it from a more environmental perspective that favors green sustainability without sacrificing performance.

Our Solution

Over the years we have worked hard to offer customers a large and varied selection of products, capable of satisfying any type of need. For this reason we have optimized the performance of the traditional electric powered models and added innovative solar cells to them, in order to ensure a 360 ° coverage of the lighting possibilities. All this took place without losing sight of design and technology, fundamental factors to guarantee a captivating and high quality product.

Our selection of product offering are now very large and includes domestic lights, street lamps, outdoor lights (some models also have a video surveillance camera), table lamps and Christmas lights: many versions, to further improve energy consumption, are equipped with light and movement sensors.

We are experts in renewable energy

Sustainability and research are the guidelines that, since our creation, have characterize the activity of Supernova, a brand founded in 1999 by a team of experts who have been able to combine respect for the environment with product performance to create a collection of LED solar lights with a contemporary design. Even today, despite the commercial expansion and the popularity, nothing has changed in our mission: dedication, commitment and perseverance have remained the corporate cornerstones that guide present and future choices.

Every day our employees work to improve and innovate the products, in an uninterrupted path of research and development.

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Keep this in mind: smart is better

Our Proposal

Installing solar street lights in your garden or in an urban area is the ideal solution for combining design, functionality and performance in a single product. Choosing a low energy consumption home, floor or table lamp means ensuring excellent brightness at low cost.

Lights for your home

Lighting with style has never been more convenient.

Street lamps

To illuminate even the darkest streets.

Outdoor lights

Ideal for gardens, terraces, balconies and courtyards.

Lights with camera

To always have everything under control.

Table lamps

Choose the best design for your interior decoration.

Christmas lights

Solar powered laser projectors for a wonderful Christmas.

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